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The first edition provides insight into our mission and introduces the start-up team. 

Our next edition hits on two recent milestones. The completion of the Melbourne University MAP Velocity accelerator program, and the integration with research and analytics partner Rainmaker Information. 

We will provide a sneak peek at the comparison results of 11 balanced investment options from 6 large industry and retail funds. 

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Discover our mission

Roll-it Super helps great employers to financially empower their employees.

Employee financial empowerment aligns the incentives of businesses and individuals, increasing motivation, productivity and wealth creation. 

Roll-it Super provides employee rewards, financial wellness and superannuation that benefits employers and their employees.


Employers want to motivate and retain top talent. A typical strategy is to use profit-based incentive schemes (bonuses) to align business and personal financial outcomes. 

Unfortunately, bonuses can backfire and demotivate staff with complaints over management bias, unequal pay distribution, overwork and stress. 

However, employee rewards that improve the daily financial lives of employees provide strong intrinsic motivation and productivity returns. 


Some of us struggle with everyday money. 24% of employees regularly spending more than they earn and at risk of financial hardship. 

Financial distress costs employers $47 billion a year in lost productivity through presenteeism (turning up but not focusing at work) and increased sick days. 

By providing programs that increase financial literacy and household budgeting skills, employers reduce the risk of employee financial hardship.


Most of us are terrible at maximising our super money. It is likely you are one of 10 million Australians who never selected their super fund and left one of the most important financial decisions of your life to your employer.

Employers contribute 9.5% on top of your salary to super each year, a contribution that costs employers $90 billion. 

Then, in a staggering transfer of wealth from employer contributions to the super industry, $31 billion in fees are removed from our super accounts. 

Roll-it Super provides the opportunity for employers and employees to work together to change the industry. 

We empower employees to compare and switch to their choice of high performing fund at a push of a button. 

Our default fund provides employers with a safety net for employees who do not select their choice of fund.

The Team

Mark MacLeod, Founder

MBA, Dip. Financial Planning.

Mark has held GM, product management and commercial sales roles at ASX listed Computershare, including the commercialisation of a SuperStream gateway and superannuation payment clearing system for the NAB.

Jonathan Barlow, Advisory board and legal

AICD Graduate, LLB, GradDip Mgmt

Jonathan is a corporate and legal advisor to tech and bio-tech start-ups and innovators. Principle and founder of Kinetic Venture Advisory and holds multiple advisory and board positions.

Jeff Dusting, Advisory board

Big Data Executive Education (Harvard), MBA

Jeff is founder of CobaltBlue incubator and consultancy, and principle consultant and systems engineer for CBS Group. He is an experienced management consultant and entrepreneur.

Warren Bloomer, CTO

Phd Machine Learning

Warren is a visionary software engineer for web-based systems and automation. He is an experienced tech entrepreneur and has been a key advisor and developer on several exciting and varied tech start-ups.

Bob Watts, Head of Delivery

Dip. Multimedia

Bob is passionate about emerging technologies, particularly VR and AR. He is experienced in managing offshore design and delivery teams across enterprise software development and digital transformations.

Aaron Phillips, Developer

Aaron is a front-end developer with Java web application development, Angular 2, and iOS experience.

Big thanks

Thanks for your ongoing support, if you would like to chat further, drop me an email or give me a call.

M: 0451 308 170

Regards Mark

P.S. Check out the next edition for a sneak peek at the comparison of balanced funds from HESTA, Australian Super, Care Super, AMP, Suncorp and MLC.

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