Self-righteous finance nerds like to tell the rest of us ‘normal’ people how to manage money. You know the type… they brag about how tight their budget is, or how they built wealth in just 10 easy steps.
But the fact is that most of us just don’t find money that exciting. 

We like our salary because it provides us with the means to live the lifestyle we want. We find saving hard, but love an overseas holiday, or feel relieved when we can financially ride an emergency. We like superannuation… well, super is hard to love, but we know it is important for our future. 

This platform is your money life hack. We have done the hard work. All you need is to put in a small amount effort to access the financial rewards. Whether it is instant savings on your weekly grocery shop, finding out how your super fund is performing, or learning how to maximise your savings with compound interest, each small move you take will be a step to a more financially secure life.

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