Learning more about how money works
Making decisions about money when you don’t know much about it can be risky. No one wants to get it wrong and have the stress of being worse off financially. 

But, unfortunately, most of us weren't taught how to manage money at school. That's where the guide section comes in. 

Making money easy to understand
In the guide section we translate financial gobbledygook into language for normal people. We also ask financial experts to provide handy tips and answers to your money questions. 

NOTE: We are not your financial adviser!

Our goal is to help you understand money better so you can make sound financial decisions. But we are not financial advisers.

The information we provide is general in nature and should not be considered as direct advice on your individual circumstances.

To see a financial planner or not?
Depending on where you are at, talking to an independent financial adviser can be helpful. Good financial advisers have the capacity to offer targeted suggestions that take in your full personal financial situation. 

If you do seek financial advice, we can help you understand that advice better and generally support you to make more informed financial decisions.

Here to help
This area is constantly being updated and added to, so it is worth checking this space regularly. 

We also try to answer any questions you have, so If you can’t find an answer in the platform, ask us! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with solid, independent information on most financial subjects.

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