How much you save will depend on your household spending and the amount you use the discount program.  For the average Australian, numerous small savings can make a big difference to a household budget. 

Using ABS Household Expenditure Survey data, we’ve worked out the difference a small, 5% discount could make on just three household spending categories. 

Based on an average Australian household spend of $37,700, you could end up with a whopping $1,885 back in your pocket. All without curbing your spending habits. So what are you waiting for? Start saving while you spend today!

   Spending category                                          Annual spend         Annual savings
   Food, drink and alcohol                                   $13,988                   $699
   Clothing, household and communications     $10,088                   $504
   Holidays, recreation and health                      $13,624                    $681
   TOTAL                                                                $37,700                   $1,885

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