Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards are the most popular reward program purchase. Here's the top three reasons why.

  1. They let you buy what you want
  2. You are emailed the e-gift card
  3.  The discount ‘stacks’ on top of any other special, sale or discount the store offers 

Let’s look at a couple of examples. 

Example 1: Grocery shopping

Whether you are shopping at Coles, Woolies, or Dan Murphy's, no one likes to pay full price for groceries or alcohol. Now you don't have to. With your rewards program you get an additional 5% off every shop. 

How does it work?

Before your next shop, purchase a digital gift card through your rewards program - $250 for example. When the discount is added, you pay only $237.50.

The card will be emailed to your phone for you to scan at the supermarket check-out. Your $12.50 saving ‘stacks’ on top of any other specials you might receive in-store. 

Too easy.

Example 2: Retail therapy

Shopping at Kmart, Target, Myer or perhaps David Jones? The process is the same, but better. 

If you see something you like, buy a digital gift card and scan the barcode sent to your phone at the register to receive an instant 5% discount. 

This means, for you, the 40% off Boxing Day sale is a 45% off sale. How VIP is that?

Example 3: The family holiday

Before you purchase flights online through Qantas or JetStar purchase a gift card through your rewards program. Your gift card is delivered via email and you will receive 5.00% off your JetStar flight. Happy holidays.

Never pay full price again 

With digital gift card discounts from Hotels, Caltex, Coles, David Jones, JB-HiFi, Myer, Priceline, Rebel Sport , Woolworths and more, you won't believe how quickly the savings will stack up.

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