In Your Super, super funds are ranked according to performance, so it is easy to see how your super fund is doing. 

Our default setting for all funds displays net investment return if you had invested $100,000 of your super over 3 years. But we recommend you try out the various filter options to see how they impact fund rankings.  

Our default setting means you might not be able to view investment options with less than 3 years of performance data. It may also mean that if you receive a 1 year return from your super fund on your annual statement it may vary from the default return displayed. 

To change the return period hit the filter button and reduce the return period to 1 year. Given super is a long-term investment, you might also want to see which fund performed best over 5, 7 and 10 years too. It has never been easier to set your priorities to find the super fund that is right for you.

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