Straight forward concept. Spend less than you earn, save money. Spend more than you earn, lose money. The reality is, it's much harder to measure and keep on track than that. That's where we can help!

Once you have connected your financial institution accounts with Moneytree, your income and spending will flow automatically into the savings / loss graph. 

You can select which time period you want to track - week, month, this year or last year. If we have the data, it will be presented to you. You might find that your bank only has a month or two of transactional data available, in this case it might take some time before you can track a full year’s income and spending.

Ideally, you’ll make a habit of saving. However, extra spending can creep in over time, squeezing your budget and reducing your net wealth. If you are not meeting your savings objectives or you are spending more than you should, the spending graph will give you a simple tool to track your expenses and set a budget.

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