For Roll-it Super to present your financial data in the platform, you need to authorise it. It is your data.

Step 1 – Sign up with Moneytree
When you click on the 'Connect Moneytree account' button you will be taken to the Moneytree sign up page. Here you can create your user name and password and sign up. If you are an existing Moneytree user, click Login.

Step 2 – Authorise Roll-it Super to connect with Moneytree
Finish connecting your accounts by authorising Roll-it Super to access your basic information, accounts and transactions. Once connected you will not have to connect Roll-it Super and Moneytree again, your connection will remain in place until you revoke it. If you are inactive for a long period, the connection may have to be made again.

Step 3 – Connect your financial institution accounts
Search for your financial institution from the available financial institutions within Moneytree. Enter your customer ID and password to establish a secure connection with each financial institution. The accounts you connect will automatically send your transactions to Roll-it Super.

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