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Employee rewards program

In the last newsletter I went on about how selecting a super fund is like selecting a partner for marriage, i.e. try and avoid losers. 

Now, when it comes to ways to grow your assets, super is hard to love. Super is designed to get your 60 year old self excited, but will do little for your 'investment libido' now - not like a good property auction, bull share market, or growing your 'splurge' account (you know who you are...). 

This is where the superannuation industry has failed to engage us. They wrongly assume you want to talk super (i.e. marriage) on a first date. 

Clearly I have no idea how you went about meeting your partner, but I can safely assume they didn't randomly approach you at a bar saying, "Nice to meet you, I'm great marriage potential, I won't do much for you now, but you'll learn to love me in 20 - 30 years time".

I have massively digressed. The point is, while at Roll-it Super we really want to talk to everyone about how great super is, no one is listening, worse still, some of you are running.

This is why our platform includes Australia’s largest employee rewards program delivered in partnership with Fortune 100 employee recognition provider MyRewards. 

We start conversations by offering exclusive access to savings on over 2,600 products from 350 brands people love.
Whether through everyday discounts on groceries, petrol, and stuff for the kids, or through achievement worthy recognition from your employer, you'll easily put $2,000 a year back into your pocket.

When people start listening, we add super to mix, increasing financial benefits to over $7,000 a year and starting employees on a life long journey of wealth creation. 

Rewards people want. Brands people love. 

Next edition

Employee financial wellness. You maybe unfamiliar with the term, but 24% of employees are in financial distress and it costs employers over $33 billion a year in lost productivity. 

Next edition we explore financial wellness in more detail, introducing our financial literacy program and personal finance management features designed to help us all achieve good financial habits.

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Regards Mark

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