Before getting started

In Rollit – ensure you have:

  • Employer administrator access to Rollit

In Xero – ensure you have:

How to connect your Rollit and Xero accounts

Step 1: Create a Rollit account

  1. Go to the Rollit website

  2. Hit 'get started' and register as a company

  3. Complete your registration (keep an eye out for your verification email, it may come to your promotions or spam folder)

  1. From “Employer Administration” select “Payroll"

  2. Click Connect to Xero

  3. Click Allow Access

  4. If you have multiple organisations with Xero, select your Organisation from the dropdown menu

  5. Connect.

Step 3: On-board your employees

  1. For each employee, you would like to on-board, click the “Onboard” button, under the “action” column.

  2. Your employee will receive a welcome email and will be able to access their Rollit Wealth account.

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